No 1 About

The Homes for Heroes Foundation® needed an efficient system that managed and stored information on veterans who reached out for assistance and could scale with organizational growth.

Having never employed a CRM of any kind before, the Homes for Heroes Foundation® was years behind with stacks of hard copy records and mail correspondence sitting boxed up in a storage room. The number of applications coming through mail, email, and direct phone calls became too much to manage. Foundation Manager consumes data from a custom-built application on their current WordPress site and tracks their case and resulting transactions.

Foundation Manager Dashboard

No 2 The Process

Since Foundation Manager was data-driven, it made sense to begin development at the database layer. Table mapping and references all had to take organizational growth into consideration.

Based on its ease of use and projected lifespan, Laravel was an obvious choice for the underlying PHP framework that would be utilized. The core of the application code and business logic was placed specifically in the models, since controllers should be no more than the wiring connecting the battery (models) to the lights (views). A custom Bootstrap 3 dashboard theme was finally applied for a modern and professional UI/UX.

No 3 Features

  • Built with Laravel
  • Mobile-friendly UI/UX
  • Account Management
  • Activity Stream
  • Dashboard Statistics
  • Transaction Records
  • Responsive DataTables

No 4 Testimony

“Foundation Manager is the perfect solution to a problem we've had for years! We've gone from storing loose paper records in a completely unorganized manner to implementing a modern, scalable, database-driven online application and dashboard.”

— Chris Bowles, General Manager at Homes for Heroes®

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