No 1 About

Operating out of Andover Minnesota, WeatheredWoodMN offers highly unique, custom-distressed barn wood material and supplies for your home or office space with available installation services.

WeatheredWoodMN had seen fantastic levels of success with nothing but a Facebook page and a drag 'n drop Wix website put together years ago. Word of mouth proved to be their most effective marketing strategy, but the client requested a completely redesigned website that could showcase some of their best work, host an order/inquiry form, and display as many satisfied customer testimonials as possible, which was a lot.

WeatheredWoodMN Homepage

No 2 The Process

One of the most important features of the new site was an order/inquiry form which would open a channel of communication between the company and potential customers that was as user-friendly as possible.

Since WeatheredWoodMN had so much positive feedback for the last few years, it was important to utilize as many of the hi-res photos and testimonials sent from their satisfied customers. The homepage needed to have be as clear and straightforward as possible, without boring the user with what they don't care to know. After final testing and some minor cleanup, the first version of their updated site was approved to launch.

No 3 Features

  • Site Accessibility
  • Branding Overhaul
  • Order/Inquiry Form
  • Retina-Optimized Images
  • Product Showcase Gallery
  • Integrated Social Media

No 4 Testimony

“The new site does an outstanding job of showcasing our unique products and services in addition to making us stand out from our competitors. You've completely made our life easier with the order/inquiry form and having all the communications stored and readily available in a database!”

— Scott Stewart, Owner of WeatheredWoodMN

No 5 Website

No 6 More Projects